Waxing Services

The waxing process makes your skin smooth.

Using the highest quality products and the latest techniques, YnS provides comfortable and hygienic hair removal in a relaxing and calm environment.

Our skilled and friendly team has become known around Memphis as the authority on brow sculpting, all-around tweezing, and waxing. We are proud of the polished and refined looks we help our clients achieve every day.

Brow Wax

Our professionals can help you get that perfect shape in place! Besides, waxing your brows is the best way to keep them looking tidy and always on fleek!

Pricing: $20

Lip Wax

A bit of a peach fuzz above the upper lip can be truly annoying, but also difficult to deal with at home. Let us take care of it with delicacy and smoothness!

Pricing: $12

Chin Wax

We remove the hair at the root so it grows back in smoothly, meaning you’ll be stubble-free. Smoother skin also makes for a more flawless makeup application.

Pricing: $15